arizona dna paternity test
arizona dna paternity testing
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AZ DNA provides conclusive DNA paternity information to legal and clinical establishments, delivering the highest level of customer service to professional family law firms, the superior courts and also to private individuals, throughout Arizona. Arizona DNA uses 'state of the art' technology. We are truly dedicated to excellence in service and technology, providing the most accurate and powerful DNA testing technology available for establishing or disproving paternity.

Arizona DNA provides free same day in home mobile service

  • No collection fees, and for your convenience we provide FREE MOBILE SERVICE. So, we come to you at your home or office for free.

  • We accomplish '' accredited results making your results court admissible and legal in all 50 States.

  • Arizona DNA provides all these services for a surprisingly cheap and affordable flat fee of only $299.

  • You can be confident AZ DNA will deliver fast accurate results in 2 to 3 days for all your legal DNA Paternity testing needs!

    Unquestionably, DNA paternity testing has become the most accepted and trusted method of determining genealogical identity within legal and scientific communities throughout the world. We help you remove the guesswork and know the truth about genealogical family connections and AZ DNA is proud to be on the forefront! Call today at 480.695.6250 to schedule your appointment.

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